Quality Policy


Rúbrica has the offering products and services, the quality level of which makes them competitiveand adequate to the needs of clients and the setting in which their activities are carried out, as its strategic objectives.

  • Registration of TOTAL QUALITY, applying CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT to the optimization of processes and sub-processes in the Company, adapting products to the requirements and needs of clients, and meeting their expectations in all provided services, based on the following assumptions:
    • CLIENT SATISFACTION, fulfilling their requirements and contractual agreements, is Rúbrica’s permanent target.

    • Instill in its employees a service culture, with the required effectiveness and efficiency in order to provide a high-quality professional, affable, and adequate service.

  • Management commits itself to providing the human and material resources in order to ensurestaff TRAINING regarding QUALITY aspects, which makes it easier for staff to be INVOLVED in the interpretation and compliance with the PROCEDURES and INSTRUCTIONS drawn up for this purpose.

  • The Company is committed to complying with the legislation and regulations in force, and with any other requirement which the Company subscribes in the development of the activities, products, and services, and deal with, after an evaluation process, the opinion of interested parties from outside the company (local, regional, and State authorities, resident’s associations, etc.).

  • Management shall ensure that subcontracted activities comply with Rúbrica’s Quality Policy.

  • Management sets feasible OBJECTIVES AND GOALS, on an ANNUAL basis, and keeps track of them through process INDICATORS. Likewise, it shall support all initiatives that lead to the achievement of these objectives, and shall provide the resources to achieve that goal

Rúbrica accepts the PRINCIPLES that make up its Quality Policy, specified in the "System Report."

All the Firm’s employees are urged to support the Policy and carry out their work in a such way that the improvement goals established in accordance with it, can be met.

Rúbrica’s Management commits itself to disseminate this Policy, enforce it, and monitor its development throughout the company and in relation to its external suppliers and clients, when it applies to them. Furthermore, it is available to any person or entity that might request it.

In Castellón, on November 28, 2014

Signed.: Enrique Tichell Fortea

Rúbrica General Manager